What can you be waiting for? Don’t you see the open door? Cross the threshold, have no fear: you are more than welcome here!” Inscription on the façade

Our house was built in 1260 and is therefore one of the oldest in town. From the 14th century onwards, several generations of the Biberli family lived here. In 1338, the first of them was warned by the town council not to tip rubbish into the lane. After the prosperous Biberli lineage died out, it became the home of town clerks, councillors, and other respected Zurich citizens.

The house acquired its present name in the 17th century because the then owner grew vines on the roof and sold the wine on the ground floor. Occasional gusts of wind would tip the vines over on to the neighbouring house, so he cheekily attached poles to it to support his plants. His neighbour was less than happy and sued him – successfully. Thus the property ended up in the records as “Zur Reblaube” – At the Sign of the Grape Arbour.

In 1778 the house became the vicarage of Johann Kaspar Lavater, the newly established minister of the neighbouring Church of St. Peter. The poet Goethe, accompanied by his employer Duke Charles August of Weimar, came to visit Lavater in this house in 1779 and probably stayed in the Goethe-Stübli, as it came to be known. Writing from Zurich, Goethe said of Lavater: “He is the best, greatest, wisest, sincerest of all mortal and immortal human beings I have ever known.” The vicarage was turned into an inn in 1880. Hermann Kaiser bought the house in 1919, renovated it, and commissioned skilled craftsmen to create the famous frescoed façade.

During the 70 years that the Kaiser family owned the “Reblaube”, they turned it into one of the most celebrated establishments in the city.

In 1989, José Ledesma acquired the house. It has been completely restored. Everything that was preserved was received.

In 1995 Peter Brunner took over the restaurant. He was one of the defining figures in gastronomic Zurich. In Kaiser’s Reblaube, Peter Brunner worked as a cook and innkeeper until 2013 and subsequently placed the management in the hands of Beatrix Ehmann, who had been running the business with him since 2004.

Since 2016, the restaurant is completely in female hands. Beatrix Ehmann was able to win Inbar Zuckerberg as head chef for the house. Together, they continue writing the story.